A local principal is taking on a broader role in the school division.

After 17 years at Holy Spirit Academy in High River, principal Pat MacDonald will be transitioning to Associate Superintendent of Learning at Christ the Redeemer Catholic Schools (CTR).

It's an opportunity Mrs. MacDonald is excited to tackle, but the departure from Holy Spirit will be tough.

"It's very bittersweet because you have so many fond memories and connections with all stakeholders, with students and staff, families, the parish and community organization. It'll be a shift for me for sure."

Luckily, it won't be too jarring for MacDonald, who previously lived in Okotoks and started her career with CTR teaching at Good Shepherd in 1991.

She relocated to High River to be closer to Holy Spirit Academy, where her husband was working as the principal at the time.

Her new role will include working with CTR's directors of faith, curriculum and instruction, and student services, as well as principals and admins.

The new curriculum will play a big part in her day-to-day as it's implemented.

"With the rollout of the new Alberta curriculum in three different subject areas for elementary school, I anticipated that will take a good portion of my time and energy as well, just supporting our teachers and administrators in rolling out that new curriculum," says Mrs. MacDonald.

The opportunity to play a bigger role in the education of so many more CTR students is one she's grateful to take up.

"I'm really excited about the opportunity just to contribute to Christ the Redeemer in a different capacity and just to challenge myself with a new role. Certainly, I look forward to working collaboratively with many, many different directors and administrators in terms of shaping the work they do on an everyday basis."

She's been mentored by Mariette Moss, who currently occupies the role and will be retiring this month.

Peter Schreiber will be stepping into the role of principal at Holy Spirit Academy.