Angie Brown, local amateur weather forecaster said it looks like the kids should have decent weather for Halloween.

Angie joined Charlie Brown on the 99.7 Sun Country Morning show today just after the 6:30 a.m. News with an update for the week.

"It is looking very nice for Halloween so the trick or treaters will still have to wear a light coat underneath their costume. Tuesday's low is -7 and Wednesday is -4, Thursday high is +2, Friday is +2 and Saturday is +8 and Sunday's is +7. 

And you can always join Angie with her daily updates on her Facebook page 'Angie's weather or knot'.

And here she is in costume as former Calgary Flame Mike Commodore at a Halloween party over the weekend.

Angie in costume for HalloweenAngie dressed up for Halloween on the weekend.

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