Okotoks welcomed nine new members to the Fire and Rescue family.

Though members have been sworn in before, this was the first time the Okotoks crew has held an official recruit graduation ceremony. It is also the first time they have sworn in this many.

The ceremony took place at Fire Station No. 1 on Milligan Drive with the recruits let in by a piper and sworn in, all in front of their family, friends and current Fire and Rescue members.

Fire Chief Trevor Brice welcomed them in with a promise.

"So my commitment to you and all our firefighters is that you will never be alone. We'll be here to support you. To be the best that you can be every day. Your safety is my number one priority."

"You do not wear or have a cape or have a big ‘S’ on your chest. You're not Superman or Superwoman, so don't go in where angels fear to tread. Well, at least not without a proper risk assessment. I say this to every one of you, we know you have all got what it takes to be successful firefighters, but you know that it will take everything that you have got to achieve this."

Okotoks Fire and Rescue are proud to welcome:

-Travis Avramovic
-John Dillabough
-Brandon Esposito
-Brett Lyons
-Amanda Mason-Espin
-Michael Pytyck
-Giovanni Shettler
-Clayton Swann
-Elliot Taylor

Travis Avramovic John Dillabough Brandon Esposito Brett Lyons Amanda Mason-Espin Michael Pytyck Giovanni Shettler Clayton Swann Elliot TaylorRecuits Travis Avramovic, John Dillabough, Brandon Esposito, Brett Lyons, Amanda Mason-Espin, Michael Pytyck, Giovanni Shettler, Clayton Swann and Elliot Taylor in front of the department's new fire engine. 

Recruit Amanda Mason-Espin, originally from Burlington Ontario, has spent the last six years serving with the Banff Fire Department and is excited to start her chapter in Okotoks.

"I'm pretty excited to be a part of Okotoks Fire and Rescue because it's a small community, but it's growing and that chance for an opportunity of growth and change is what's really brought me to Okotoks.  

"We're going to get to know our brothers and sisters in the department and that's gonna just create this community with a great standard and a safe place."

"I do solemnly swear that I (name) will humbly serve the citizens of Okotoks with integrity and exhibit professionalism at all times. I promise that I will, in all respects hold the provisions of the town of Okotoks and Okotoks, Fire and Rescue Mission, Vision and Values, in serving with compassion, sincerity and kindness. I will faithfully discharge the duties of a firefighter, I will demonstrate my commitment that “Safety is my #1 priority” in keeping the citizens of Okotoks, my fellow firefighters and myself safe from the perils of fires and other incidents ensuring that everybody goes home safely. I will serve unselfishly with respect, demonstrating concern for others, willingness to help those in need with the courage to perform my duties as a firefighter with an all-in attitude and all-out effort, professionally and diligently, whenever called upon to do so." -Oath to the Town of Okotoks

okotoks Elaine VincentOkotoks CAO Elaine Vincent welcomed each of the new recruits.

Okotoks CAO Elaine Vincent spoke of their role in the town in her speech to the new recruits.

"You will show your leadership in this community with compassion, empathy and understanding. Your leadership team and this town have the very same values, and we try to model them every day. I love this town. I love the people who work here and live here. I love what it means for so many. It means opportunity, inclusion, hope and safety for all.  

"You have undertaken to protect that community and we thank you for your dedication to this cause."