A 71-year-old man previously reported missing has been located and taken to hospital.

On Thursday, Jan.4, Turner Valley RCMP and EMS responded to a call from an elderly man, 71-year-old Allan Bowman, who had fallen out of his truck.

He described his location as a bushy area he believed to be near his home, and that he could see lights.

An extensive search was carried out including help from a HAWCS helicopter and a fire drone, but they were unsuccessful in locating him. On Friday, RCMP released information on Bowman in hopes the public could help in locating him.

This morning (Jan. 6) just before 10, a family friend of Bowman's located him near Hartell just off Highway 22 and Highway 543.

According to RCMP, Bowman had "driven off the road through a field and down a 60-foot embankment."

He's been taken to hospital and is in critical condition.