Jody Seeley and me, Steph Hopf all suited up!
Jody cutting our 5th Birthday Cake.
Our 5th Birthday Cake from 2012

Last week we went on a quick tour to check out the rebuilding process of our station in High River.

It's a question we are asked often, are you coming back?  When will you be back?

Well,  we will be back by June and we are so excited!!!  The space has been redesigned and is looking amazing but it got me to reminiscing a wee bit so I went back and found these pics from our pre-flood days.

We are so looking forward to not just living in our amazing, strong, and resilient community, but working there again too!

See you soon!!

Participating in Camp Days at the Tim's in High River

Suiting up with the Roller Derby gals with Sean Emmett