It's official, the numbers have been released in the tally of the most popular baby names in Alberta for 2021.

There were 48,938 babies born in Alberta in 2021, 25,714 boys and 24,219 girls, and five with unstated gender at the time of registration. 

Once again, Olivia is the most popular baby girl name in Alberta maintaining a record-setting popularity streak for girls' names as it has been number one since 2013. 

Noah placed number one for baby boys' names for the third consecutive year. 

Rounding out the top five names for girls, were Charlotte, Ava, Emma, and Amelia.

For the boys: Jack, Oliver, Liam, and Theodore. 

Historically, girls' names that held the number one spot for the longest time include:

  • Jessica for six years (1990-1995)
  • Emily for five years (1998 - 2002)
  • Olivia for nine years (2013-2021)

Historically for the boys:

  • Matthew for five years (1995-1999)
  • Ethan for nine years (2001-2009)
  • Liam for seven years (2010-2016

Other notable changes on the 2021 baby name list:

  • Evelyn cracks the top ten for the first time.
  • Henry makes the top ten for the first time.
  • Maverick is making a steady rise in popularity on the boys' names list over the last five years, moving from 45 in 2017 to 13th in 2021. 

Most unique and creative names for 2021 included Archangel, Chickadee, Tuba, and Jocko.