Despite some progress being made, the Town of Nanton's water restrictions are still in effect.

Since Wednesday (March 13) they've been on Level 2 water restrictions due to snowmelt having flown into the town's collection system.

The restrictions were put in place to curb the amount of excess water and avoid sewer backup.

Under Level 2 restrictions, outdoor water usage is only permitted on certain days and at certain times of day.

On Monday, the town posted an update saying some of the flow from the melt had been diverted while work is underway to locate the source.

In the meantime, the restrictions are still in place, especially with snow in the forecast over the next few days.

The town is also giving Nantonites a heads-up that they're working to locate leaks in the water lines and that water services may be temporarily shut off in some areas if repairs need to be made.

They're checking for leaks in the Westview area this week, and are asking any resident who have noticed a drop in water pressure or that their sump pump has constantly been flowing to contact the town office, as it may help to narrow the area of the leak down.