The Nature Conservancy of Canada has launched a $6.9 million campaign to save a southern Alberta landscape.

The site, called The Yarrow, is located by the Hamlet of Twin Butte and covers 1,650 hectares or over 4.077 acres.

The  Yarrow (photo provided by NCC)The Yarrow (photo provided by NCC)

It includes endangered prairie grasslands, wetlands, creeks and mixed forests in the Waterton Park front. 

The Yarrow includes 27 wildlife species of provincial or national significance, such as the grizzly bear, which is threatened in Alberta, birds called bobolinks and the little brown bat, which are both endangered.   

The Nature Conservancy says this opportunity was made possible by the former landowner Charlie Fisher, one-time President and CEO of Nexum Energy, who died in 2020.

the yarrow