The Nature Conservancy of Canada is looking to conserve the Bob Creek Ranch as part of the Waldron Grazing Co-operative.

The NCC has had partnerships with the Waldron Ranch since 2013 and the King Ranch since 2015.

They're now fundraising to conserve the 1,027-hectare Bob Creek Ranch, which is just west of Claresholm.

While the NCC has worked out a partnership with them, they are still looking to raise $10 million.

This will allow the ranch to continue to do its work while maintaining the natural state of the land.

The cooperative works with 78 shareholders who use the Waldron to graze their cattle for some portions of the year.

It's also a frequently used area for hunters for deer and elk. 

The area is home to not just elk and deer but also some animals and grasslands that face challenges such as grizzly bears (threatened), Columbia spotted frog (sensitive in Alberta), golden eagles (sensitive in Alberta), limber pine (endangered) and rough fescue. Rough Fescue is Alberta's provincial grass.

According to the NCC, Fescue grasslands are one of the most threatened and least protected ecoregions in Canada. One estimate is that fewer than 20% of fescue grassland remains in the Foothills.

The Bob Creek Ranch also borders the Oldman River.

The Radiothon is this Thursday on The Eagle 100.9The Radiothon is this Thursday on The Eagle 100.9