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Another Tuesday is upon us so I've collected up some new music to play for you this afternoon along with some classic double-shots!  Jake Mathews has followed up his hit Beer Necessities with a new track called A Woman And A Song, I've also got the latest from Katie Mission, Easily Broken and Krysta Scoggins' I Miss You.  Drumheller native, Jaydee Bixby, has released his latest single from the new album.  Jaydee's new one is called She's Gone.  Lady Antebellum has a new single as well, Compass is their latest release!  It's also the release day for Brett Kissel's album, Started With A Song, the album of course includes the number one, smash hit title track!  

Here's the video for Started With A Song.

Click on the link to purchase Brett's album, or you can grab it on iTunes!


Jake Owen has released the cover art for his upcoming album, Days of Gold!  You can download the title track from Jake's website!

Photo Courtesy Jake's Facebook Page

Here's the video for Days of Gold!



This morning Jody Seeley had a visit with Janise Bachler from The Closet Diva to announce the winners in the Perfect Pamper Package from Willowpark Village!  I'm going to replay a part of that interview this afternoon when the winners were announced!  Listen for that in the 4 o'clock hour.

The complete interview is posted below.



Since I was sick yesterday, I didn't get a chance to do this week's Web Musing!  In honour of why I wasn't here, I present you with this.  The Man Cold.