A new organization is up and running and working hard to ensure the needs of local students are met. 

The Friends of Foothills Schools Foundation is a non-profit group currently gauging the fundraising needs across the Foothills School Division.  

According to Executive Director Marica Borovich-Law, the organization has been in the making for the last two and a half years. 

“A group of individuals got together, looked at what the needs were within Foothills School Division for our students, and thought that a foundation was a good way to address some of the concerns that were being raised by parents, parent councils, administrators, teachers and looking at what the student needs were.” 

Recently, the Board went out to all 22 schools within the Foothills School Division and asked parent councils and administrators five big questions. 

“What are you currently fundraising for? What do you see are the needs within your school? How do you think the foundation can help you? What are some of the obstacles that you face in your funding?” 

From those questions, Borovich-Law said many parent councils were raising funds for specialty classes, reducing travel costs for students and technology needs, with Chromebooks being a major need. 

“Our current ratio is one Chromebook for three students, so current councils are always out there looking on ways to get more Chromebooks, tablets, interactive whiteboards, those kinds of things into our schools, and particularly the smaller ones because you need to realize the Foothills School Division spans a huge area.”  

The new organization has seven people on its Board, some with prior experience in education and others with expertise in business. 

The Board follows three basic pillars when looking at the needs for each school in the division: Enhanced learning supports, empowering flourishing communities, and emergency financial needs. 

One example that Borovich-Law provided for the second pillar is the Vertical Farm Initiative happening in Diamond Valley. 

“The kids took a ceecan, converted it, they grow microgreens, they harvest them, they sell them in their community (and) anything left goes into the Food Bank,” she said. 

“Allowing each school the same opportunity to those kinds of learning, enrichments, and enhancements that we hope we can give every child in our school division.” 

The Foundation is preparing for a major fundraiser on Aug. 20 as they are hosting the Fore Education Golf Tournament at the Highwood Golf Course. The hope is to raise $35,000 for the Foundation at that event. 

Anyone interested in learning more can visit FriendsofFoothills.ca