With a severe thunderstorm watch in effect at 7 a.m., it wasn't the start residents wanted for parade day here in Okotoks.

Lots were worried the event so many had been looking forward to would have to be cancelled due to the weather. However, the rain and thunder held out for what was a phenomenal comeback of one of the largest annual happenings here in town.

Thousands gathered to line the streets, in the heart of the downtown Okotoks, to take in the parade. 

Smiling, waving, singing and clapping; happy to welcome back the event that had a two-year hiatus from its traditional form due to the pandemic. 

Thanks to everyone who came out and put a smile on our faces...here is the parade from our perspective. 
(We took so many! This is our 'Okotoks Top 40' If you think we got a photo of you send us a message!)