The Northern Lights, aurora borealis were out in all their glory Sunday night.

Those in High River and surrounding areas shared their photos on local social media pages.

That included Claude and Martha Laflamme who sent in a photo from last night's show.

Claude said the view was spectacular.

"Yes, it was absolutely wonderful by chance. It's one of those Earth events that is not planned, you take it by chance but it's a wonderful gift that we can see once in a while."

He watched them right near where a lot of Christmas lights are right now.

"Close to George Lane Park, just overseeing the park, and of course we often have a great Christmas light show at George Lane, we see that often, but the Northern Lights were just spectacular, full of colours, the lights are moving around."

You might remember there were a lot of sightings of the aurora borealis in the spring of this year.

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