High River Health Care Heroes Day is this Thursday.

The now annual event started during the dark days of the pandemic as a way to show support for our fellow healthcare workers.

The High River District Health Care Foundation had their first showing of support on Friday, May 1, 2020, making this year the fourth annual showing of appreciation.

It originally encouraged people to make signs with their kids to put up in their windows and share in the community.

Many signs dotted the landscape in the first couple of years.

Executive Director Wendy Kennelly says it's a great way to say thanks to the staff at the hospital.

"It's awareness for the amazing staff in our hospital and our health units that take care of not only the people of High River and the surrounding areas, but we have people travelling from all across Alberta even to get cancer care treatment at the cancer centre. So, more staff are doing amazing things for all of Alberta, and we love them so much."

Fund Development and Communications officer, Cathy Couey adds "And it's our opportunity at the foundation to thank and acknowledge our health care workers for the great job they do in caring for our community, so we give them a little extra love and encourage everybody out there in the community if they happen to see one of our local health care team to just give them a thanks, an extra special hi and help celebrate our local health care team."

High River Health Care Heroes Day is this Thursday, May 4.