The Town of Okotoks is celebrating a milestone in one of its recycling programs.

They recently transported 1,398 kilograms of K-cup coffee pods that would have otherwise ended up in the landfill.

Since February of last year, they’ve been collecting coffee pods that have been dropped off by residents and transferring them to the company Eco-Growth Environmental, which has been shredding them and converting the coffee grounds into combustible fuel, and the cups themselves into plastic lumber.

Paul Lyons, Waste Solutions Manager with the town, says the recent amount of nearly 1,400 kg of pods shows that Okotokians want to help out.

“Okotoks residents always have and continue to participate in these different initiatives that we come up with. It really speaks to their involvement, more than anything else, in environmental initiatives, and their willingness to participate. So, I would say kudos to them for doing so.”

Eco Growth’s vice president and director Glen Smith was quoted in a release from the town.

“That makes a huge difference, I’m so happy Okotoks took time to stop and think about where the cups are going… Organic waste in landfills is one of the main culprits for methane greenhouse gasses on the planet."

For those who haven’t heard of the program but want to participate, Lyons says it’s as easy as collecting your coffee pods separately and dropping them off at the Eco Centre, which accepts a variety of other materials.

“Along with that, we’re taking other items like styrofoam, paints, and some hazardous waste. Once they are taken to us, there’s a drop-off location… Really, it’s one additional activity added to what residents are currently doing.”

One exception is the metallic Nespresso cups, which aren’t accepted at the Eco Centre, though Nespresso does have its own recycling program.

For any materials that you’re unsure of, the town has a webpage and a mobile app where you can search for specific items to see how they should be disposed of.