The Town of Okotoks now has a bylaw relating to the distribution of graphic flyers.

At Monday’s council meeting, Community Standards Bylaw 31-32 saw three readings and was passed unanimously.

It requires anyone distributing flyers with graphic imagery to enclose them in an opaque envelope with a warning and a return address. 

The bylaw also prohibits flyers from being left at residences with a sign indicating flyers aren’t wanted, with exceptions for political advertising materials, newspapers, and government information.

It’s based on a similar bylaw from the City of Calgary passed earlier this year.

One difference is that Okotoks’ new bylaw also makes reference to displaying graphic imagery on vehicles.

According to the town, advertising on vehicles falls outside the legislation of the town, though the bylaw does have a revision referring to the Canadian Code of Advertising Standards, stating that sort of advertising would be illegal as an unacceptable depiction and portrayal for “political advertising.”

The changes come in the form of a new bylaw because they are a fourth amendment to the existing Community Standards Bylaw 19-10.

Changes to the Community Standards Bylaw were originally set to come before council later in the year but were advanced to August by town Administration, likely due to furor over anti-abortion flyers being distributed in town in July.


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