In a celebration of National Public Works Week, the town is bringing out some of their most unique and interesting trucks and equipment.

They will be holding the Equipment Parade Monday, May 16, starting at 10:00 a.m. starting at the Town Eco Center.

The parade is designed for those that are fans of big trucks and equipment. It will also serve as a learning opportunity for families to ask questions and learn more about the public works teams in town. 

Equipment on display will include a Mini Loader, Mini Excavator, Hook Lift Truck, Bobcat and Big Loader Grader.

Attendees can also expect a drive-by from the street sweepers affectionately named "Sweeping Beauty" and "Lightning McClean." There will also be pre-packaged treats, juice boxes and activities avaiable.

The Eco center is located beside the BMX track. More information can be found on their website.

Across North America, the more than 29,000 members of the American Public Works Association  (APWA) in the U.S. and Canada use this week to energize and educate the public on the importance of public works to their daily lives: planning, building, managing and operating at the heart of their local communities to improve everyday quality of life.