Upgraded Level 2 EV Chargers in the Town of Okotoks are now available for use.

While they charge electric vehicles significantly faster than the Level 1 EV Chargers, these Level 2 chargers will now also charge you as well as your vehicle.

As per the Fees, Rates and Charges Bylaw 09-24, using one of the Town's Level 2 Chargers now requires a fee of $2 per hour.

The Level 2 EV Chargers are located on Elizabeth Street in front of the Okotoks Municipal Centre and at the Okotoks Arts and Learning Campus.

The charger located in front of the Municipal building is a single charger with one charging head and a designated parking stall, while the one at the Arts and Learning Campus has two dual chargers, with two plugs each.

If you don't wish to pay the $2 per hour fee, the Level 1 charger at the Operations Centre on North Railway Street is free and has 5 outlets available outlets, but you are required to bring your own charging cord.

The town doesn't currently have any Level 3 charging stations, though a cost of $22.20 would be in place if any were brought in.

More information on the Town's EV Chargers can be found on their website.