A resolution passed at last weekend's UCP Annual General Meeting calls for municipalities and their staff representing them to be registered as lobbyists.

Okotoks Mayor Tanya Thorn says she has no idea what problem they're trying to solve with the resolution.

"I think it's going to create a whole level of red tape that we've been working hard, as governments, at all levels to try to eliminate so I think it just creates another level of red tape both having to make sure you have that in place but also who's going to manage it, who's going to police it, who's going to look at it and what does that look like?"

"If we put in one application and say the Town of Okotoks is a lobbyist is that going to cover us for every department or do we have to put something in for every department that we might want to talk about and issues we're going to be talking with them about," says Thorn.

Thorn believes when the government has spent so much time reducing red tape this idea does just the opposite.

She says there are a lot of conversations from both the provincial and municipal sides where they need to work as partners and should be working together to deliver services to the residents of Alberta, and this resolution flies in the face of the two sides acting as partners.

"Infrastructure in our communities has to be done in partnership to build the services that community members want or need, and you can't do that if you're lobbying for it," Thorn says. "Water, for example, basic human rights is something that we should be delivering, because now because I want to deliver water to my community, I have to be a lobbyist? That just flies in the face of good governance in my opinion."

Thorn says she has contact numbers for a lot of the ministers that the town has worked with and wonders if sending them a text will be seen as a problem.

She says if there's no financial gain, as there would be with a private company, like the water pipeline, where they're asking for funding for an asset to the town they should have to register as a lobbyist.

Thorn points out this is just a resolution from the floor at the AGM and has not been adopted by the UCP party executive.