Okotokians were asked to cut back on water usage last week, and it looks like they came through.

The town moved to Stage 3 of their Water Shortage Response Planon Tuesday, August 16, due to decreased levels in their reservoirs, with outdoor watering no longer permitted on weekends.

Yesterday, the town reported that usage went down significantly on the weekend.

Mayor Tanya Thorn tweeted thanking locals for a 25 to 30 per cent reduction in water usage compared to the weekend prior.

Amazing job conserving water this weekend Okotoks. We saw a 25-30% reduction in demand for water compared to last weekend. Our reservoir levels are stabilizing. We will be staying at Stage 3 for the rest of this week and will re-assess next week. #waterwisecommunity #Okotoks pic.twitter.com/577wJhyuNN

— Tanya Thorn (@Thorn4Okotoks) August 22, 2022

A normal watering day would see 12,000 to 13,000 cubic metres of water used, compared to nine thousand nine hundred on Sunday.

For now, the town is remaining in Stage 3 and will be reassessed soon.