One of the trees in Pioneer Square in High River is about to warm someone's fireplace.

The Town's decided, after hearing from arborists, that one of the trees is healthy but the other has rot running through the trunk and could come down.

Mayor Craig Snodgrass explains what council heard from the Town's arborist, Darlene Donovan and Jacquie Randle with Randle Handles Horticulture.

"One (tree) was healthy and ok to stay, the other one has issues in the trunk where the trunk is starting to split in a couple of spots and that's where a tree that size gets really dangerous because if the whole thing's going to come down it's a whole different discussion."


He says they're bringing in the pros.

"We went along, and trusted Darlene and Jacquie's assessment and the one tree will come down. 

By the time you get a tree down that's around that many buildings it's a technical arborist that's needed to get things down safely and then to dispose of all that wood the size of a trunk like that to cut it all up and haul it out is costly, so when you're spending that kind of money you want to make darn sure you're doing the right thing and making sure it's for the right reasons and this one is," he says.

The cost for the removal of the west Poplar tree and pruning of the east Poplar tree is $10,000.00. 

The costs associated with the recommendation include tree removal, stump grinding, crane truck, wood disposal, pruning and contingency.