The Western Canadian Wheat Growers Association has put together a one stop shop for Federal election issues affecting grain farmers.

Back in September, the farmer-run advocacy organization sent five questions to each of the registered parties on topics they thought would be of interest to prairie grain producers.

The policy questions cover industry priorities such as trade and market access, road and rail infrastructure to move goods and carbon pricing.

The responses from the Conservative Party, Liberals, NDP, Green Party, Christian Heritage Party and Marijuana Party have been posted to the Association's website.

Wheat Growers Executive Director, Dave Quist, says an area of interest was several of the parties indicating they would support changes to the Canada Grain Act.

"We see that as an opportunity going forward, whether it's a majority or a minority Government, that we can go back to them say, ‘Okay, you said you're going to work on this, We'll support you on that.”

On the Wheat Growers website, they say many guidelines are outdated, adding the Canada Grain Act and Canadian Grain Commission need to be optimized to deliver value.

"Not all requirements are appropriate and required services could be offered more efficiently and cost effectively," it reads.

Overall, Quist says he's also hearing from the members of the group disappointed in all major parties, as agriculture isn't being discussed in the campaign.

"When we look at what the Leaders of the major parties are talking about, none of it involves agriculture," he said. "Agriculture's a huge issue in terms of the number of people employed in the sector directly and indirectly."

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