Another addition of "One to Watch Wednesday" at 4:40pm on the Drive Home Show is here!

I'm still recovering for the Calgary Stampede... what a wild week! Love the Calgary Stampede!

Here's your One to Watch Wednesday!

This week we are featuring a very powerful and relatable song! “Dear Me," by Madeline Merlot! - "The inspiration for the song started out as a journal entry from notes Madeline wrote to her younger self, and the end result has amounted to an empowering track that resonates in the current cultural landscape, as many young women struggle to compare themselves to others with the pressures of social media. The track remains in the catchy pop-meets-country fusion that Merlo has become known for, and the song serves as a powerful reminder to girls and young women to be kind to themselves through difficult times, and to always be aware of their many strengths." - Yangaroo DMDS

Love it!

Here are the Top 5 Songs you need to listen to now:

Kenny Chesney - "Tip of my Tongue"

Jordan Davis - "Slow Dance in a Parking Lot"

Gregg Bolger- "Road Trippin"

Steven Lee Olson -"Hello Country"

Haley Jensen - "Summertime Soundtrack"

Here's an extra because I am still in love with that concert

Zac Brown Band - "Someone I Used to Know"