The Alberta government is pausing its plan to scrap the Insulin Pump Therapy Program on August 1.

The move comes following an outcry from the diabetic community and the opposition NDP.

Diabetes Canada wrote a letter to Health Minister Jason Copping outlining its concerns with the governments planned move.

"Albertans living with type 1 diabetes not only live with difficult health issues every day, but also bear a significant financial burden. We know that added costs adversely affect the ability of some to manage their disease optimally, which impacts quality of life and risks their short and long-term health." said the letter written by the senior vice-president of Diabetes Canada Russell Williams.

It could force some diabetics to go back to multiple daily injections, poorer blood sugar control and more long term health issues putting a further strain.

For some it could mean making a choice between medications and food or rent.

Under the government's proposed plan anyone who doesn't qualify for low-income status and is without private or employer insurance would have to buy coverage through Blue Cross starting in August.