Tow truck drivers in Alberta are getting something they've been asking for, for quite awhile now.

The Province is rolling out a pilot project that will allow tow trucks to have blue lights on their vehicles.

It's meant to enhance visibility while they work along the side of the road, sometimes in harsh conditions, like fog, snow or heavy rain.

Effective June 30, the one-year pilot project will allow the optional use of blue lights on tow trucks.

The government is considering expanding the project to include snowplows this fall.

"Every Albertan deserves to be safe at work, even if their office is at the side of the road. Today we affirm this point and we're grateful to the government for this announcement, said Michelle Chimko, President and CEO of the Alberta Motor Association. "This change is as simple as it is profound, and it will make a life-saving difference for Alberta's essential tow operators and the Albertans they're responding to."

Since December 2019, the Alberta Motor Association reports there have been at least 36 near misses and 14 serious roadside incidents involving Alberta tow trucks and passing vehicles.

Starting spring 2023, all motorists travelling in the same direction on multi-lane highways will need to slow down to at least 60 km/h and allow one lane of space, where possible, when passing stopped emergency vehicles, tow trucks and roadside workers vehicles when their lights are flashing. 

Motorists travelling in both directions on single-lane highways will be required to slow down when passing roadside vehicles and workers.