Love lost and love found... only to be lost again. A feeling we might all be a little too familiar with. If you haven't felt it personally, you'll feel it listening to the latest track to hit the local country scene. 

Sarnia born country artist Steve Pointmeier has a busy year planned for music drops with his first of many coming to streaming and radio.

Known in and around Southern Alberta for his live shows and friendly conversations, Pointmeier has been in the music scene for a while. Hits like Cold Beer Calling my Name, Denim Hit's the Dirt and Wannabe always bring the sounds of true country to tailgate markets and bars throughout the foothills and beyond. 

His latest (available everywhere) is a collaboration with friend and fellow musician Clayton Bellamy. Simply titled Sway.

Lyrically, it starts as a love story then a love lost story. Instrumentally, a love story between the fiddle and guitar with wonderful singing high notes and emotional harmonies. 

"It's a story particular to a certain breed of a person. Whether they're male or female." Says Pointmeier. 

"So it's about a guy that just is doesn't see a future for himself in a hometown. So he leaves his high school sweetheart and he moves on and he just never settles down. He tries it several times but he sways and he just doesn't stay still."

Joking that he is easily the least talented on the track, Pointmeier boasts a star-studded band.

"We have a lot of really good talent went into this song ... We have Annika Odegard from Leaving Thomas and I love Leaving Thomas. So I was like, 'yeah, please get her!' Then they got the song sent down to Nashville for Jeannie Fleener, who's the 2020/21 musician of the year for the Country Music Awards in Nashville. We have her on both fiddle and mandolin."

This latest track Sway is his major comeback to the scene after dealing with the struggles of COVID layoffs and the major hurdles that musicians are all too familiar with... Funding. 

"You gotta release music to stay relevant but I haven't had that opportunity 'cause I went through a really hard time. I had a really good job before COVID."

He is blessed to have met and found companionship with the crew from Inner City Diesel.

"They believe in my music"

"I got laid off, I didn't have my own funding to put behind my music. I've always had sponsors do it. This time I found a really great sponsor in Eric Tevely of Inner City Diesel. He said ‘look man, I'm behind you. I know that it's not something that you can crack overnight, but we'll get you there 'cause I believe in you.’ ” 

Check out links to listen to Sway below. You can find his self-written and directed music video as well. Show your support by following Steve Pointmeier in his 2022 musical journey by following on social media. There is WAY more music on the way. 

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