A new Positive Ticketing campaign has been launched in Okotoks.

The campaign sees members of Okotoks Municipal Enforcement handing out coupons for local businesses to Okotokians for various good deeds.

Municipal Enforcement Manager Vikram Kulkarni says there are a few actions that could result in a positive ticket.

"It could be adhering to safety regulations, as small as wearing a helmet, waiting for the crosswalk, things like that, but the whole idea here is to basically reward positive contributions and acts of kindness.

This isn't the first positive ticket campaign for Okotoks, this one is unique in that it's intended to last all year.

Kulkarni says each month, a town representative will set out with peace officers to hand out the coupons.

"So far we've had the mayor and a couple of councillors who have actually gone into the community, done a ride-along with a peace officer, and observed positive behaviours firsthand. An example would be councillor Swendseid went with peace officers to the dog park and noticed people had their dogs on leashes. So, some folks there got a positive ticket for adhering to the bylaw. There were some kids there wearing helmets, so they got a coupon as well."

It started in November but has taken a brief break due to the cold.

Throughout 2024 though, locals can expect to see peace officers handing out those positive tickets.

Kulkarni says it's a thank you to the people who make Okotoks the place that it is.

"It's a thank you from us to Okotokians across the spectrum for what we do, we appreciate their collaboration and adherence to regulations and legislations. The whole premise is to continue to keep people safe, and in the process, to introduce initiatives to support community building.