Daycare operators who were fearing they may have to close have received some positive news.

The province says child-care providers will now receive 80 per cent of their monthly funding upfront, starting this month. 

This new payment approach is designed to reduce financial burdens and support the delivery of quality childcare.

"Alberta families rely on high-quality childcare so they can go to work or school knowing their children are safe and thriving. By providing funding up front, childcare providers will be able to continue focusing on what they do best: providing high-quality childcare that meets the diverse needs of Alberta families," says Minister of Jobs, Economy and Trade, Matt Jones.

The government, along with federal support, is committed to transforming childcare in Alberta. 

This means more engagement with providers and parents, a new funding formula, and moving towards making child care more affordable.

"By expediting the provision of monthly funding, Alberta is responding to providers concerns so they can focus on delivering high-quality, affordable, flexible and inclusive childcare to families in Alberta," says Jenna Sudds, federal Minister of Families, Children and Social Development.