Volunteers are urgently needed to complete the High River pump track and to save the town some money.

Market conditions for things like concrete and other unforeseen circumstances have left a shortfall but High River council has stepped in to make sure it's completed properly.

The Town originally put in $16,380 and at Monday's council meeting they added another $33,200.

That includes a contingency of up to $15,000 which raised concerns from some members of council that they weren't just handing the group money.

Mayor Craig Snodgrass says even if they have to use the whole contingency the town's getting a good deal.

"You know on a $300,000 project, if the Town ends up having to commit the whole $49,000 to a youth project like that I'm all in, that's fantastic that the community showed up and paid for the majority of this project," he says.

He pointed out Cargill provided $75,000 for the pump track and HBO, on behalf of the show The Last Of Us, donated $80,000.

Snodgrass pointed out the contingency won't be needed in full if enough volunteers come out to help.

"The more volunteer help that they get with that, the less money that the taxpayers spend, so if anybody has the opportunity to get over there on Saturday to help them lay sod and a few other things, then that help is greatly appreciated.

The sod needs to be put down as soon after it's delivered as possible and if there aren't enough volunteers, paid contractors will have to be hired.

The pump track is located next to the Spray Park on High Country Drive.