The Town of High River and the RCMP have a survey out to determine where the force's priorities should be.

Constable Jill Kingdon-Mills says it's all part of the detachment's Annual Performance Plan.

"So, the policing survey is a way of garnering community input into what they feel have been issues in our community in the last year or so, what they feel should be priorities and also to offer us input, what do you think we should be doing, what would you like to see from the police," she says.

Constable Kingdon-Mills says the survey and public meetings are a great way to connect.

"We are certainly hearing a desire from the community that they want to see us, and they want to see us out there interacting and giving the community an opportunity to provide feedback to us."

The survey closes February 28th after which the RCMP will get together with town council, look at statistics and come up with the plan for the next fiscal year starting April 1st.