Alberta RCMP just last week put out a list of communities where vehicle thefts were up.

High River was on that list.

Constable Jill Kingdon-Mills says it's that time of year when theft of vehicles and from vehicles are also up.

"We definitely do see an increase in thefts from vehicles and from other places in the summer, the weather's nice so it makes it easier for those that are engaging in nefarious pursuits to get out there and pursue their activities." 

"Just a reminder theft from your vehicle is one of the most preventable theft out there. The easiest way is to prevent these things from happening or prevent yourself from being victimized by these is to make sure you're not leaving any valuables, I mean any of them, don't leave your sunglasses in there don't leave loose change in there and please don't leave your wallets or computer bags or anything like that in there overnight," she says.

She suggests taking everything inside and making sure your vehicle is locked.

On another topic Constable Kingdon-mills says drivers need to be aware of how the traffic light works just north of the Centre Street bridge in High River.

Pedestrians and cyclists can push a button to get the traffic lights to change to red to allow them to cross.

But she wants drivers to know,that you can't just go through the red light once the pedestrians have gotten across.

"Please make sure that if somebody has activated it (the traffic light) and the light turns red so they can cross Centre Street, please be aware of the fact that that red light is still red and red means stop, until that light turns green again you need to stay stopped," she explained.

There's a hefty fine for going through a red light.

The light at that location only stays red for about 25 seconds.