Summer days have run out and children are returning to the classroom.

Local Municipal Enforcement reminds drivers, parents and students about safety on the journey to and from the classroom.

For parents taking their kids to school, and all drivers operating in the area of schools, Okotoks Municipal Enforcement advises driving with extra caution in playground and school zones as they will be more active and the school zones will be back in effect.

John Prockiw, Peace Officer and School Resource Officer with the Town of Okotoks wants drivers to also stay safe around school buses. 

"School buses will be on the street. Increase traffic so, slow down, take your time, let the school buses load. You can't pass a school bus in a school zone, and you can't pass anybody in a school zone when they're doing 30 km/h."

Failing to do so could result in fines up to $567.  

He notes to also keep your head on a swivel around crosswalks.

"Marked and unmarked, please let the kids cross. Be off your phone, pay attention. You got to drive with lots of care and attention with kids back to school. Kids can cross from anywhere so watch between cars and just be on the lookout for those kids."

School zones are in effect on school days during the hours from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. in Okotoks. School and playground zones are harmonized in High River. This means speeds are restricted to 30 km/hr all the time.

During the remainder of the time, follow municipal traffic bylaws.

Another point for parents to remind their children of is to stay off their phones while walking and make sure no vehicles are coming when crossing roadways.