The rich indigenous history throughout the Foothills will be shared this upcoming Thursday at the Museum of the Highwood.

From arrowheads to spear tips and everything in between, over the last 10,000+ years will be shared by a local expert.

Longtime museum volunteer, Terry Quinn will be leading the discussion along with the curator of the museum, Irene Kerr.

Kerr says Quinn is very knowledgeable regarding the history as well as the archeological findings such as arrowheads.

The Museum of the Highwood even has a clovis point arrowhead in its collection that's estimated to be 10,000 years old.

Kerr says Quinn is one of the valuable volunteers that help with the museum.

"He's been involved with the Museum for many years. The museum has a wonderful collection of archeological materials like... arrowheads, spear points, weapons, all kinds of things. Terry is very interested in archeology, and he belongs to the Archeology Society [of Alberta], he's been on a lot of digs, and he really knows a lot. 

"We've done several exhibits together about the Women's Buffalo Jump. And we live in such an amazing rich area for archeology, you know right from the Women's Buffalo Jump to south of High River where there's pictographs and caves and all kinds of things.

"Terry also does flint knapping. That's making spear points and arrowheads out of obsidian and different kinds of material and he's going to be talking about the progression of weapons, like in the early days they just had spears, they didn't have bows and arrows and we're talking for thousands of years."

You will need to register for the free event that starts at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, March 9, 2023.

Just call or email the Museum for more details and to register.

Stones and Bones is coming up this Thursday night at the Museum.