The Rowan House emergency women's shelter has a new program they need your help with.

The Foothills shelter is looking for local resident and business support.

Krystal Hoover, donor relations coordinator, said it's an opportunity to actually sponsor one of the home's bedrooms.

"A wonderful new program that just launched the beginning of September, and it is named by one of our front-line staff members. It's called 'The Heart and Home Sponsorship' program. 

And it is a program where individuals, corporations, businesses have an opportunity to sponsor a room. So, we actually have eleven individual sponsorships, and you can name the room after your company, yourself... in honour of someone."

Rowan House has seven bedrooms that can be sponsored along with four other rooms, the spiritual room, the multi-sensory room, the playroom and the shared kitchen.

More info can be found here.

if you are experiencing domestic violence, they're hotline is open 24-7 at 403-652-3311.


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