Police have laid a long list of charges after a rural crime spree. File Photo.

A bit of a crime spree earlier this month around Southern Alberta saw plenty of area farmers filing missing property reports.

Claresholm RCMP Constable Clayton Seguin says they've arrested two men they believe were responsible for as many as 26 robberies.

"September 7th we executed a search warrant on a rural property out here in Claresholm and subsequently two males were arrested. Justin Casoff and Nelson Evan. They were both arrested for different occurrences that have been occurring here in Southern Alberta."

Seguin says the pair are linked to 20 or more files within the Vulcan County, Claresholm Nanton region. He says the pair are even charged with thefts as far away as Canmore.

He says the two are facing charges in 26 separate thefts, and more could be added as the investigation continues.

Nanton area farmer Morgan Wilson was one of the victims.

He says it's unsettling.

"Personally, it's the first ever time we've ever had any issues with anybody being in our yard and taking our stuff without us knowing. I guess we've been naive to think that it wouldn't happen to us. Up until now we really haven't had very much experience with it. So I guess it is remarkable."

Police say they've recovered a substantial amount of the stolen goods and have already started to return it to it's rightful owners.