As farmers continue to roll through the harvest a reminder to keep safety a top priority.

Robin Anderson the communications coordinator for the Canadian Agricultural Safety Association says it's important to be alert and stay focused.

"We're seeing longer hours, more fatigue, and rushing trying to get things off the field and into the bins before the weather turns. So, you know, with that in mind, we've got to make sure that anytime we're out in those fields or getting that machinery going, that we take the time to make sure we're prepared. That can be as simple as taking a look at our equipment, our machinery, and ourselves. Right. Are we stressed out? Are we fatigued? And how do we mitigate those hazards?"

She says taking time to check everything including yourself, and think through any potential problems can save you time in repairs and in costly accidents that could have major impacts on you, someone else, and your operation.

"You get on a piece of equipment and you do walk around. Do a quick check, make sure there's nobody around, and make sure your shields are in place. Make sure everything's in good shape so you don't experience a breakdown, you don't get frustrated. So it doesn't lead to rushing, which could, you know, inevitably lead to making a mistake, that could lead up to an injury."

Stats show the majority of farm fatalities occur during the busy times between May and October, especially during the harvest season.

The ongoing pressures of farming can take a toll and it's important that producers monitor their own mental health and wellness and make that a priority.

Anderson says it's important to check in with yourself.

"Are you eating enough? Are you eating well? Are you taking breaks? Are you stressed out? If you don't look after yourself, you can't look after your farm and you can't look after your family. So taking that time to check in with yourself is really important. "

She notes something that is really interesting is the impact that vibrations can have on people. 

"So getting off your tractor or getting off your combine or getting out of the semi-truck, doing a walk around, just to reduce the effects of that on your body is a really great policy and procedure for yourself just to maintain your own physical and mental well-being."