It was cold, but it wasn't the coldest Santa Claus Parade.

Organizer Ted Dawson says it went well thanks to all the support.

"It was an interesting evening, it was a lot of fun and with the firepits, we can't thank the fire department or Highwood Trusses enough for their firewood and getting everything lit up and then of course the Town and Operations staff for putting out the firepits and No Parking signs and all those kind of things and Darlene Donovan and the staff at the Parks department for hauling firewood around for us, so it was really great, it was a good time," he says.

Dawson says the crowd was great, in spite of the cold.

"It was really encouraging to see that many people come out and for the first parade after a sort of two-year hiatus it was great to see so many entries and the effort that the folks put into their lights and music and everything else, it just made for a great evening."

He says between the parade and the lights in George Lane Park volunteers racked up about 1,500 hours.

Windmill Theatre Players sang carols on the Stampede Stage to get everyone in the right mood for the event.

High River Santa Claus Parade

Commercial Float in Town: 

  1. Town of High River - Operations 
  2. Farmer’s Business Network 
  3. Tie: Heritage Inn Balloon Festival and Farmboy Maintenance & Landscaping 

Commercial Float Out of Town: 

  1. Tie: Alberta Prosperity Project (Nanton) and Vulcan AutoPlex & RV 
  2. Tie: Navntoft Motorsports and Home Town Dental 
  3. Diamond Embroidery 

Organizations: Churches, School, Youth:

  1. Tie: Rt. Hon. Joe Clark School and the Rotary Club of High River 
  2. 187 Air Cadet Squadron 
  3. Tie: Latino group and High River Soccer 

Horse Entries/Wagons: 

  1. East Longview Hall 
  2. High River Oddfellows and Rebeccas 

Antique Cars, Trucks, Tractors, etc: 

  1. 1947 High River Fire Truck 
  2. River City Classics/Eamon’s Garage 
  3. Tie: Aspen Crossing and the Nanton Booster Bus 

Best Over All: Alberta Prosperity Project - Nanton Chapter