Spring seeding in Vulcan County is just about complete.

Some farmers are starting to spray their peas and cereal crops will get going once it dries out from the recent rain.

The director of agricultural services for the county Kelly Malmberg says, despite the recent rain, there's still some catching up to do.

"Because of the drought we're in really rough shape for hay production. This rain will help," he says. "Grass never really seems to respond well after a drought but it is early enough, I'm still somewhat optimistic that we will get something, but this really going to help our annual crops.

He says in places where it was very dry there's been some uneven growth and some "ugly growth" but says it'll be interesting to see what happens over the few weeks to crop growth because of the wet conditions of late.

It's been dry for almost ten years although 2020 was a pretty good year according to Malmberg and he hopes it'll be a wet June.