A pair of siblings have spruced up the RCAF Memorial just off 498 Avenue where the old airport used to be.

Ethan and Nicole Perkins volunteered their time over the summer to work on it and return it to it's former glory.

14-year-old Nicole says they had their work cut out for them but they're thrilled with the results.

"Seeing how rundown it was and how rusty the sign was and how faded the flag was and all that it was fantastic at seeing the outcome of it looking matte black, a brand new flag, the grass actually being green and not a dead-yellow. It was wonderful seeing how all of our work paid off."

Ethan, who is 17-years-old, is very passionate about sharing why it as so important to him.

"It was a training airport used for the air force back in World War II and that's where they did all their training for most of Canada, all here in High River.  I mean, I could be doing bottle drives, I could be mowing lawns, I could be shoveling snow but I wanted to do something that meant more to me."

The teens are both members of the 187 Foothills Air Cadet program.

You can watch the transformation with the before and after photos below.