Albertans know that there are really only two seasons, winter and construction.

Cst. Jill Kingdon-Mills with the High River RCMP reminds drivers to watch out for workers now that construction season has started.

"It is the law that you have to slow down when you're passing construction workers or any sort of emergency vehicles on the side of the road."

Speed limits in construction zones even apply if no construction workers or equipment are present.

And if workers are present then fines are doubled for speeding.

Cst. Kingdon-Mills also reminds us that not only are motorbikes now out in droves with the warmer weather but so are kids and bicyclists.

"On their scooters, their bikes, walking...just out there enjoying the weather.  And definitely wanted to give a reminder to motorists out there or even other cyclists just to keep an eye out, some extra care is needed.

Temperatures are expected to hover around the mid teens for the rest of the week.