Smile Cookie week in High River was a huge success with over $15,000 raised.

Local Tim Horton's owners Kevin and Kim Generoux partnered with the High River District Health Care Foundation and raised a record amount.

"A big shout out to Cathy Couey and all the people at the High River Health Foundation helping us smash records. I'm talking smashed. We've never raised more than $10,000 dollars in High River. And I think last week we did over $15,500."

That's Kevin Generoux of Tim Hortons who was just thrilled with the support and all the help they had with putting the smiles on the cookies.

Wendy Kennelly, Executive Director with the High River District Health Care Foundation says the help and support they had from the staff at Timmies was tremendous.

"A big thank you to all of the staff at both Tim Horton's locations and franchisee's Kevin and Kim. They're energy was constant all week long and they were shouting every time somebody bought a cookie in the drive-thru and we had a tonne of volunteers come out and make cookies all week. So, it was really a community effort for sure."

Part of the money will go towards purchasing a hand-held mobile ultrasound unit for the low-risk maternity clinic at the High River Hospital.

And Kennelly says the extra money will go a long way in supporting the maternity clinic.

"We went back to the team and said if we raise more money what else could we help support? And they are in need of some new blood pressure monitors for the clinic. So, moms will take those home if there's something they're monitoring with baby. And they need a few more of those.

They also need a special tablet for that mobile ultrasound so now we can add that on so they can actually give that to the parents to actually show their results.

And then there are a couple of soft furnishings that they need for the clinic just to make sure everybody's comfortable when they're arriving and kind of waiting to see the doctor or nurses there.

All in all, High River always shows up with the most generosity and the most kindness and now we get to kind of check off everything on their current wish list which is really exciting."

smile_cookie_week_005_cathy_couey_aaron_mauser_wendy_kennelly_rhonda_bews_may_2_2023.jpg.jpeg(L to R): Cathy Couey, Aaron Mauser, Wendy Kennelly, Rhonda Bews.