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Jody Seeley and an adult Ball Python

This morning Jody had a visit from Andrea and Glen from the Calgary Reptile Expo and their Tupperware containers of snakes and reptiles!  Very cool!  You can take a look at some of the animals they brought in and listen to some of the interview (not to mention get a good look at the 99.7 Sun Country Mission Control!) by watching the video!

For more info, click on the link!

Jody Seeley, Bull Fighter Aaron Ferguson, and Andrea and Glen from The Calgary Reptile Expo chat reptiles!


Adult Corn Snake.

Jody & a Crested Gecko.



Coming up at 4:20ish we'll have today's giveaway of a pair of tickets to the Jason McCoy Spider Hockey Concert at the Foothills Centennial Centre on October 12th!  Listen for you cue-to-call to win!

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Nashville News Logo

Here's today's edition of the Nashville News!  Taylor Swift finally arrives, some cool Bob Dylan news and Blake Reid chats about his new single!