Spitzee Elementary school in High River needs a few good volunteers.

They have two big events coming up this week they need help with.

The first one is a casino night fundraiser at the Ace Casino Blackfoot in Calgary.

Alison Brown, Chair of the Spitzee Playground Committee, says they could definitely use a hand or two.

"Our casino is running August fifth and sixth and we're short about six volunteers. And that's at the Ace Casino on Blackfoot [Trail] in Calgary."

The casino fundraiser was postponed from last year due to the pandemic and they also have the new playground build going on at the same time.

Brown says they really need some volunteers to help out with installing the new playground.

"We've got a lot of people, it takes 75 volunteers to put a playground in over the course of three to four days.  So, we've got lots but we're still short about 27.  And, so we need some able-bodied people or some business owners who can spare an employee for the day to send them over August sixth, seven...and maybe the 9th."

Brown also went on to say it'll help save them a lot of money.

"We save $32,000 so the time is really valuable to us and we also want to give community members the opportunity to be a part of putting in a new piece of High River."

She's also pretty excited about what the playground will offer not just for the students but for the community.

"We get a rubber surface and on that rubber surface we have a fully accessible swing so, it will be wheelchair accessible and even though Spitzee school isn't fully accessible we did it because we also know it's a community park."

This will complete phase one and two of the playground with phase three coming later.

To volunteer, send an email to spitzeeplayground@gmail.com.

The new Spitzee Playground will be built first week of August 2022The new Spitzee Playground will be built the first week of August 2022