The Town of High River is warning residents to stay off the ice as spring thaw has made it very unpredictable. 

With the fluctuating spring temperatures ice can thaw and then when it re-freezes, it doesn't mean it will freeze evenly.

According to the Town:

While winter brings fun activities like hockey, ice skating, ice fishing and more. When temperatures rise, it causes bodies of water to melt. As spring approaches and ice begins melting, venturing onto any body of water could be fatal.

Once spring thaw begins, residents are encouraged to stop using the ice. Even if the ice measures the right thickness (minimum 10 cm or 4 inches for walking or skating alone), thawing and freezing during spring weaken the ice, and the ice can no longer be trusted.

The fire department is reminding residents to speak to kids about the dangers of playing near waterways as well as reminding pet owners to keep their pets on a leash. 

If something does happen call 9-1-1. 

ice a no-go