Today we celebrated the station's birthday by having a pancake breakfast in the Service Credit Union parking lot in High River. This morning I was worried that not a lot of people would show up because of the rain but luckily the rain started to let up and eventually it completely stopped and tons of people came out which was awesome! For breakfast pancakes and sausages were served and they were sooooo yummy! There were some great live bands too like Lonesome Pony, Pear, Tanya Ryan and the Roosters, Bobby Wills and the Hog Report, and Wildflower. The High River two- steppers Steppin' Fun came out too and encouraged people to come up and dance with them, even Diggity Dawg the mascot fom the Dawgs baseball team in Okotoks went up and danced!


At my Sunshine Patrol table I had draw boxes where people could enter a ballot to win Johnny Reid tickets and tickets to the Canadian Gospel Music Celebration in Red Deer. By the end of the morning the draw boxes were so full there was hardly any room left in them to enter a ballot! We also had a chance for people to win tickets for grounds admission to the Calgary Stampede. What they had to do to win the tickets was they had to participate in a race to see who could deliver the UPS package the fastest and who ever won the race won the tickets! It was so funny to watch because some people jumped over each other so they could try to win, they got really into it!

ups challenge

Overall this morning was fantastic! Tomorrow I'll be at the Guy Weadick Days Rodeo and I'll be stopping in at Fury in the Foothills too so if you see me be sure to come and say 'hi'!