It's a bird, it's a plane... it's Superman!

Superman 3 is coming back to the silver screen and coming back in a big way at the High River Sunset Drive-In this Saturday night.

It's all part of a fundraiser for the Museum of the Highwood and thanks to the Sunset Drive-In, the cost is half price at only $20 per carload.

It's reminiscent of drive-in prices back in the early 80s when it came out.

The film was shot mainly in and around High River in 1982 with it coming out in the summer of 1983.

You'll see many buildings you'll remember if you were here including the grain elevators that lined up as well as what's locally known as 'The Superman House'

The 'Superman House' in High RiverThe 'Superman House' in High River- setting for Lana Lang's house in Smallville

Irene Kerr, curator with the Museum of the Highwood says it's going to be a special night which will include some special memorabilia.

"We have Superman's cape and we have the film exhibit and we actually we have... Alison Laycraft donated the spaceship-meteor from the first movie".

The group also has some special prizes and surprises lined up for the special fundraiser.

"It's going to be a really fun night and it's such a great movie and means so much to so many people in High River because a lot of them see themselves in that movie. A million great stories around the film and so we thought it was really appropriate."

You can purchase tickets here.