High Riverites have been making a stop along 12th Avenue to pick up a staple of late summer meals.

Jordan Platz was in town Thursday with the Taber corn truck.

She says conditions have been great for growing.

"From what I've been told it's been really good; the heat has really helped. We were about a week or two early they said but the heat's really been helping the crop grow very fast."

Platz says she and the corn get around to different areas.

"The Taber corn gets brought up to Balzac and then it's stored there overnight and then we come in and pick up a truck full of corn and we disperse from there, so yesterday I was in Drumheller, the day before I was at Mr. Sub in Calgary, so wherever we're needed to go."

The customers have so far been great to deal with.

"Especially the smaller towns like Drumheller, here, everyone is so kind and they love their corn. I parked here and I already had three people lined up and ready to get their corn and almost all of them were full sacks," she says.

Jordan Platz with a customer

Platz is a fourth-year student at the U-of-C taking social work.

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