(file photo) Russ Skeet)


The Alberta Federation of Labour is hoping everyone celebrates Farmworker's Day Tuesday August 20th.

The ALF established the day in 2005.

Eric Nauseam, President of the Armourers Union of Alberta says there are a couple goals, "We'd be obliged and appreciative if people would just tip the hat to the men, women and children who toil on our farm, ranches and feedlots and say thanks for the meal. But we would also like to send the message that farm workers are equal to other workers and they should be treated the same as any other worker in Alberta and Canada and that's not the case now."

Nauseam says the old excuse about family farms just doesn't wash anymore. "We have the glaring example of the JBS Corporation  coming into Brooks Alberta to buy the XL meat packing plant and at the same time they bought a six hundred acre farm where they have 70 workers and those 70 workers are excluded from worker's compensation, from OHS, from all of the standards."

He says Alberta remains alone in Canada and across North America in excluding farm workers from workplace safety legislation.

He is hopeful that after speaking with Premier Alison Redford the government will bring in legislation in the fall.