We just wanted to invite you on behalf of Telus to the grand goodbye of the Okotoks payphone! 

Stop by tomorrow, (June 30) as we retire the payphone, celebrate it's history and present it to it's new owner - the highest bidder of our auction!

Telus Payphone Event.

Come join us!



Residents in Okotoks will be saying goodbye to a fading piece of technology that people are using less and less...the payphone.

TELUS has been hanging on to the last two payphones in Okotoks but this year they will be officially disconnected.

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Since they have no use for them TELUS has given people the opportunity to own one and we here at The Eagle/OkotoksOnline have one!

We will be auctioning off the last remaining payphone with 100% of the proceeds going to the Sheep River Health Trust as a part of the 'Together We Make A Difference' Radiothon. 

This will be our 9th annual radiothon and we wanted to make it special so this year we are holding the auction for the phone.

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A phone, we might add, that can be hooked up to your cell phone or home phone... if you want that! 

Give us a call to place a bid and see what the current total is on the phone. Like a silent auction but all over the phone. 

The winner will be notified and will take part in a ceremony on June 30th at the payphone location in downtown Okotoks.


We will also have the running total below!

NUMBER TO BID - 403-995-9611

HOURS OF OPERATION - 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday - Friday