The Town of High River began their annual monitoring of the Highwood River back in May.

The updates come out every Friday, and as of the last update, the current snowpack in the Highwood River basin is within the normal ranges for this time of year.

Currently, both the snowpack and the flow rate are within the normal ranges, and the snowpack is slowly melting.

As of June 7th, the snowpack was the equivalent to 277 mm (10.9 inches) of snow water, while the flow rate is at 25.8 cubic meters per second, with the normal flow rate being between 25 and 65 cubic meters per second.

Even though the flow rate is on the lower end of normal, the river is still flowing stronger than it was this time last year.

As of June 2, 2023, the snowpack in the river basin was already melted away and the river flow was down to 17 cubic meters per second.

There is precipitation predicted for this week, but they are not expecting there to be enough to create any significant changes in the river flow.

The warm temperatures we are expecting this week will result in a slow, constant melt of the snowpack.

To stay up to date on the river levels in High River, head over to their website